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Video classifieds enable show-and-tell sales

Hillary Clinton's spoof of The Sopranos finale, posted widely on YouTube, seems to be generating the buzz her campaign sought. But aside from some banner ads, YouTube doesn't really provide commercial interruptions, nor does it encourage users to use videos for marketing purposes.

Meanwhile, several start-up sites are serving up video classifieds, letting you upload homemade commercials to show off what you might normally put out on eBay, Craigslist, or at a yard sale.

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20 Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-development  » Mar 20, 04:45 PM

20 rules of smart and successful web-development

A year ago I have started to improve my web-development skills and share the knowledge I had with the visitors of my blog. Most projects and article I've created or written are still popular in the Net – The Web-Developer's Handbook has become one of the most popular web-sites since the beginning of social tagging , it was digged, slashdotted (twice), bookmarked by over 8000 + 3770 delicious users; the articles about my projects and articles appeared on SiteProNews, Lifehacker,, 456bereastreet, mezzoblue, stopdesign and 274.000 other web-pages. The funny thing is that as I was just realizing my ideas in the Web, I didn't think about getting the page popular, tweaking its position in search engines or finding potential clients on the Web. The basic idea was helping people. First of all, helping me, but also sharing my work with people who might need it sometimes. And, essentially, exactly this attitude has provided and provides thousands of hundreds visitors on my page – per week.

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Google uses YouTube for search privacy PR effort


Google (GOOG) has begun using its YouTube video site to get its message out about privacy policies for its search engine.

A message on the Official Google Blog describes the effort this way:

This video runs about 5 minutes, so we couldn’t cover everything. Over time, we hope to create additional videos where we talk about other privacy issues: what data do we collect when you register for a Google Account? or - when you search on Google while you’re logged in? or - why does Google keeps server logs? But before we head down the road of sequels, we’d like to get your feedback on whether you find this video format helpful.

The video does explain Google's basic privacy policies in a way that's easy for non-techies to understand, but I couldn't help feeling that the video wasn't telling the whole story. As the Google blog entry concedes, the video doesn't mention (for example) that the company connects more information to your identity when you search while logged into your Google Account – that's the sort of information I think most people find troubling.

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