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How blogs and social networking sites can be used to commercial advantage

Web 2.0 sites offer a cost-effective means of boosting customer loyalty and brand awareness
Phil Muncaster, IT Week 20 Jul 2007

At a recent roundtable event hosted by BT, experts debated how businesses could use Web 2.0 technologies to “humanise” their operations, form better customer relationships and improve marketing efforts. Social networking was identified as a major way in which firms can reach their customers more effectively as traditional channels become clogged.

The event was used to promote BT Tradespace, a Web 2.0 platform aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that enables them to reach out to customers via blogs, photo sharing, podcasts and other tools. But large corporations could also benefit from this type of technology, according to experts at the event.

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Peter Thiel: Best Predictor of Startup Success Is Low CEO Pay

September 8, 2008

peter-thiel.jpgIn a long-ranging discussion today at TechCrunch50, Investor Peter Thiel (PayPal, Facebook, Slide) gave his thoughts on what is the best predictor of startup success. At the Founder’s Fund, one of the most important factors he likes to look at before deciding to invest in a startup is how much the CEO is paying himself. (This is also a factor that one of his investments, YouNoodle, looks at tovalue private startups). Says Thiel:

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Loving the Internet

Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:11 AM ET

Rather than looking for their perfect match, one in four Americans say the Internet can serve as a substitute for a significant other, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

A survey on the role the Internet plays in people's lives by Zogby International and communications consultancy, 463 Communications, found that 24 percent of Americans said the Internet could replace a partner for some period of time.

The percentage was highest among singles of whom 31 percent said the Internet could be a substitute -- with no difference among males and females.

The researchers said the online survey of 9,743 adults conducted between October 4-8 showed that some younger people viewed the Internet as their new best friend.

For while more than one in four Americans has a social networking profile such as MySpace or Facebook, among 18-24 year-olds this is almost mandatory with 78 percent of them having a social networking profile.

Breaking it down by political beliefs, the study found more Democrats have a social networking presence than Republicans -- at 32 percent to 22 percent.

But although American may love the Internet, most are not prepared to implant it into their brain -- even if it was safe, the researchers said.

Only 11 percent of respondents said they would be willing to safely implant a device that let them use their mind to access the Internet although one in five would insert a chip into a child 13 years old or younger to help track them.

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