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Seattle Web 2.0 Startup Index (July 2007 edition)

July 31, 2007

Another month is complete and we have the new Seattle Startup Index (SSI), a list of Seattle Web 2.0 startups ordered by their Alexa Ranking.

    The list has reached a new record with 157 companies, 6 more than last month and I'm sure we are missing a few companies. If you know any send it to me (it has to be a Web 2.0 startup from Seattle). But that is not the only record being broken this time, Versionate has moved 53 positions (!!!) on the rank to number 66, the biggest move since I started the SSI. 

    The other notable mentions in growth are Down2night moving 19 spots to number 55, Wishpot moving 14 positions to rank number 47 and Ripl moving 13 positions to number 89. And the newcomer of the month is They're Beautiful (by Jackson Fish Market) that debuts at number 49.

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Start-up advice for entrepreneurs, from Y Combinator Startup School

By Mark Coker 03.26.07

Here's a summary of the more compelling tips given by several tech industry luminaries — including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, Sequoia Capital venture capitalist Greg McAdoo — at the Y Combinator Startup School event at Stanford this weekend.

The event attracted more than 650 aspiring entrepreneurs. Mark Coker, a VentureBeat contributing writer, was on hand and here are his notes.

FaceBook's Mark Zuckerberg: Hire only young technical people

FaceBook's founder and CEO, 22-year old Mark Zuckerberg, believes his social networking platform will push the world to be a more open place. Without doubt, FaceBook is a true phenomena. According to Zuckerberg, FaceBook has over 20 million registered users, serving 1.5 billion page views daily.

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Startups face pressure in China

INTERNET: Failure is common, but it doesn't stop entrepreneurs from launching new ventures.

10:00 PM PDT on Saturday, August 4, 2007
By EVAN OSNOS, Chicago Tribune

BEIJING - Susan Su needed sleep.

Insomnia had gripped her for weeks. She had worked through another weekend. It didn't feel like a fresh Monday morning.

To make matters worse, this was no ordinary week: The startup headed by Su and her husband, Jacques Ding, was poised to unveil a new Web design -- an expensive bet that they prayed might attract more of China's coveted online consumers.

It had been more than 18 months since Su and Ding put their hard-won middle-class life on the line in an attempt to become China's next Internet superstars. They had given up comfortable jobs in marketing and tech and plowed their savings into founding HiU, a social-networking site for yuppies like themselves. Their site would attract users by offering hyperlocal news and information, arranged by neighborhoods, and would charge advertisers to reach specific audiences.

Personal Growth - Health

Reversal Of Alzheimer's Symptoms Within Minutes In Human Study

PET Scan of Alzheimer's Disease Brain. (Credit: NIH/National Institute On Aging)

ScienceDaily (Jan. 9, 2008) — An extraordinary new scientific study, which for the first time documents marked improvement in Alzheimer’s disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule, has just been published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation.

This new study highlights the importance of certain soluble proteins, called cytokines, in Alzheimer’s disease. The study focuses on one of these cytokines, tumor necrosis factor-alpha(TNF), a critical component of the brain’s immune system. Normally, TNF finely regulates the transmission of neural impulses in the brain. The authors hypothesized that elevated levels of TNF in Alzheimer’s disease interfere with this regulation. To reduce elevated TNF, the authors gave patients an injection of an anti-TNF therapeutic called etanercept. Excess TNF-alpha has been documented in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer’s.

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