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Blob Your Idea, Win $10,000

Just blob it! That's the idea behind the beta version of a new website called The site is calling all entrepreneurs and small-biz owners to brainstorm their best business ideas and submit them online. Then, entrepreneurs can watch how well their idea is received as people vote for their top picks. Each month, the idea with the most votes wins $10,000. In addition, aspiring small-business owners can get valuable feedback from their idea submissions, much like they would if they actually formed a research group. "[IdeaBlob] also gives potential business owners a chance to 'try out' new ideas among other entrepreneurial types in a supportive and encouraging environment," said Ami Kassar, chief innovation officer of Advanta, the company that announced the launch. The contest ends on March 31, so get blobbing!

Posted by Kristin Edelhauser at 10/17/2007 4:25:00 PM

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A Primer on Homeowner Tax Breaks

By Bill Bischoff

THINKING ABOUT PURCHASING your first home? Then you're probably well aware of the potential tax breaks coming your way.

In case you're not, let's review. While the cost of renting is generally a nondeductible expense (except for when part of the home is used for business purposes), homeowners can claim an itemized deduction for interest on up to $1 million worth of mortgage debt used to acquire or improve their principal residence. Ditto for interest on up to $100,000 of home-equity debt secured by their principal residence. Real-estate property taxes can be claimed as an itemized deduction, too. You also can generally deduct any points you paid (or the seller paid on your behalf) to take out the mortgage.

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Young Americans Have Fallen In Love With Streaming Video, Thanks To YouTube And Other Video File Sharing Websites

Today, Nearly 100 Million Americans Have Streamed Some Form Of Video Content Online, According To Ipsos Insight's Latest MOTION Study

Contact Adam Wright April 2, 2007

New York, NY — While Americans still love their TVs for watching television programming and DVDs, it appears that online video offerings accessed on the PC have tapped a vein with mainstream America as well. At the end of 2006, well over half (58%) of Americans age 12 or older with Internet access had streamed some form of video content online, this according to recent findings released by Ipsos Insight from MOTION - the company's biannual study of digital video behaviors. This translates to 44% of the overall US population age 12 or older having ever streamed a digital video file off of the Internet – or approximately 100 million Americans. "Clearly the YouTube phenomenon has caught on with Americans, and given their appetite for video, the ability to select and watch exactly what you want online has become a strong lure for many consumers. And it's instant gratification for entertainment lovers," said Brian Cruikshank, Executive Vice President of the Ipsos Insight Technology & Communications practice. "While streaming video online has clearly emerged as Americans' favorite way to access video online, it also may be blazing a trail for other video formats and acquisition methods in the future." Cruikshank goes further to point out that over one in four (28%) Americans age 12+ have downloaded a digital video file, with a significant amount of overlap between these two types of digital video formats – so many consumers who stream video also experiment with downloading video online.

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