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The best type of software for productivity is personal information manager (PIM). They are softwares which help you oraganising your personal information, such as contacts, calendars, emails, notes etc. To give you choices, find out what are available on the Internet and fits you, Listible has a huge list (over 160) of PIMs. There are Windows & Mac based software; web based, and all of them are free:


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The startup view - Retaining stars

Trust in staff to complete work, a four-day week and freedom at work are crucial

Jim Mortleman, Computing Business
17 Nov 2008

Startups are by their very nature more agile than established organisations. But the innovative approach of successful Bath-based high-tech events organiser Carsonified to its small staff could hold lessons for larger companies, thinks Canadian-born chief executive and founder Ryan Carson.

“We have a deeply held belief that people should be treated well. Too many companies treat employees like children,” he says.

Carsonified takes a hands-off approach to management, gives all staff an Aeron chair and an iPhone, and offers one particularly alluring perk: a four-day working week. “People are generally smart and efficient enough to get their work done in four days,” Carson says.
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Online Shoppers Listen to Word-of-Mouth

AUGUST 9, 2007
Debra Aho Williamson, Senior Analyst

While it is common knowledge that consumers use their ears to help make purchase decisions — by listening to the advice of others — they continue to regularly use their eyes, according to BIGresearch's "Simultaneous Media Usage Study 10" report.

More than half of consumers surveyed (51.6%) said something they saw in a magazine prompted them to conduct an online search. Nearly the same number (47.7%) said reading an article led to a search. Broadcast TV, newspapers and cable TV rounded out the top five, while face-to-face communication was sixth, at 35.3%.

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Social Networking Around the World

JULY 10, 2007

And social networking is biggest in... South Korea!

About a fifth of adults have visited a social networking Web site, and an equal percentage of Internet users have done so in the past 30 days, according to a survey of several countries by Ipsos Insight. "The Face of the Web 2006" survey was conducted in November and December 2006 in urban Brazil, Canada, urban China, France, Germany, urban India, Japan, urban Mexico, urban Russia, South Korea, the UK and the US.

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53% of Americans 30 to 34 have over 40 DVDs - 8.29.2007 [more]


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