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Venture Capital: Between an angel investor, VC fund


Rob Monster is tired of the traditional venture capital model.

So the 39-year-old entrepreneur, who made millions when he sold some of his founder's stock in online polling company Global Market Insite to venture capitalists last year, is jumping into the VC game with bold ideas on how to improve early stage investing.

After unexpectedly announcing his resignation as chief executive of Mercer Island-based GMI in February, Monster resurfaced this week at the helm of a new investment firm he's calling Monster Venture Partners. So far, the firm has backed two startup companies: Miami-based and New York-based Clickable. (A third investment in a Bellevue company is in the works, with an announcement expected in a few weeks.)

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How to Define a Brand's Soul

June 18, 2007
By Joan Voight

SAN FRANCISCO Laurence Knight, Unilever veteran and consultant to Unilever brands such as Dove, Axe, Caress and Pond's, likes to preach that a brand needs soul in order to thrive, especially as the world gets more digital. What brands have the most soul?

Adweek's Joan Voight had to know, and the answers she gets from Knight, the president of Fletcher Knight, are not what you might guess. Here's a hint. Do you shop at Costco?

Personal Growth - Psychology

A Look Tells All

Scientific American Mind
 October 2006 Issue
A person's face will always reveal his true feelings--if, like Paul Ekman, you are quick enough to recognize microexpressions
By Siri Schubert
We do it automatically. As soon as we observe another person, we try to read his or her face for signs of happiness, sorrow, anxiety, anger. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong, and errors can create some sticky personal situations. Yet Paul Ekman is almost always right. The psychology professor emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco, has spent 40 years studying human facial expressions. He has catalogued more than 10,000 possible combinations of facial muscle movements that reveal what a person is feeling inside. And he has taught himself how to catch the fleeting involuntary changes, called microexpressions, that flit across even the best liar's face, exposing the truth behind what he or she is trying to hide.
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6 Startup Lessons For The Year 2007

February 06, 2007

By guest author Jawad Shuaib, the founder of The social network for geeks.

Startups have been multiplying like rabbits over the past three years. Due to the added competition, many startups are beginning to narrow their focus to a much smaller demographic. The year 2007 will mark the transition from startups aiming for the mainstream markets to specialists intensely focused on gaining smaller grounds. This is a different landscape, one that demands new rules of the game. It is the entrepreneur's job to anticipate these changes in order to align them with their startup's future.

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