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Businesses You Can Start for Under $10,000

Helen Coster / Entrepreneur
11.19.09, 06:30 PM EST

Want to run your own shop but don't have a lot of start-up juice or a fancy pedigree? Try these ideas.


Professional Organizing

Start-up costs: Web site development and business cards might run up to $1,500. Marketing channels include networking groups such as Business Network International, speaking engagements and newspaper ads. Writing articles helps too.

Annual income: Organizers with a strong client list can pull in six-figures. Most charge an hourly rate--from $50 to $200 for a residential projects; $100 to $300 for commercial projects.

Tip/Warning: Understand the rhythms of each customer, says Laura Leist, owner of Eliminate Chaos: "The job isn't about putting things in pretty boxes. It's about figuring out why things get to be the way that they are."


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Personal Growth - Psychology


Seemingly trivial things have a huge influence on the way that we make decisions, research shows. Bill Ridgers reports ...

From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Summer 2011

You have a big decision to make. Whether to put in an offer on a house, say, or change jobs. Which of the following will help you make the right choice: being in a state of sexual excitement or having a full bladder? Most likely, it is not something you have pondered. Psychologists, however, have long studied the ways that external factors such as these influence our decision-making.

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Your gadgets and you

June 11, 2007

If you are what you eat, then what does your gadget say about you? Charles Purcell turns tech fashionista.

It's official - gadgets are cool and you can thank the rise of the "technosexual" for that. Some might say that "technosexual" is just another word for "nerd" but there is no denying that the modern fascination with gadgetry is huge ... and character-revealing. Indeed, if we are what we eat, we are also what we bleep. But what does your gadget say about you? That you're on the bleeding edge of technology? That you help little old ladies across the street? That you're an insufferable bore with a wallet to match the size of your ego? Take a look at Icon's irreverent guide and discover what your little e-friend says about you and your character.

iPod Owning an iPod tells the world that you're hip. You're fashionable. You have a high disposable income. You have a metaphorical sign on your back saying, "Please mug me for my expensive gadget." You've endured the naysayers who, just as when the Walkman was introduced, accused young people of using them to shut out the world. But wouldn't you rather be listening to Kaiser Chiefs than dealing with crushing, dull reality?

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