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Accidental Tech Entrepreneurs Turn Their Hobbies Into Livelihoods

InformationWeek interviewed five accidental entrepreneurs, including the founders of and Digg and the author of the blog Dooce, to find out how they freed themselves from the paycheck-to-paycheck grind.

By Mitch Wagner,  InformationWeek
June 30, 2006

Most people who pull down a paycheck dream of making a living at their hobby. For IT managers, the dream is more within reach than it is for most professionals, as their technical skills can give them a head start in building businesses on the Web. A supertalented few have even made fortunes.

How do they do it? We went straight to the sources, interviewing tech pros who turned their cyberhobbies into full-time jobs. Many of them truly were accidental entrepreneurs; others at least had an inkling they could make a go of it. All were helped along by a business-fertile Internet environment, their raw ambition, supportive spouses, and a little luck. They haven't all become rich, but they're all making a living at what they used to do for fun.

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World's first Windows-based online desktop 'Nivio' launched

Vishnu Mohan
14 September 2007, Friday 

NIVIO IS TERMED as, “Your personal Windows desktop on any computer in the world. All you need is a web browser and Internet access, and you’ll find all your files and software just as you left them,” according to a press release.

“It is only a matter of time before the PC is just a browser," said the company in a statement. “Browsers are being incorporated into more consumer devices every day, from TVs to game consoles. So we don’t know what you will use to connect to your desktop, we just know you will want to.”

Founder and CEO of Nivio, Sachin Duggal, says he has always believed that the world would change if only computing was made simple.

According to Duggal, he always dreamt of a desktop that was anywhere and yet nowhere; that was stress-free and fault-less, and that’s how ’Nivio’ was born.

The original name he had in mind for the service however, was ’myremoteworkstation’.

Duggal says ’Nivio’ is a device technology agnostic, and would be useful to all desktop users in accessing their Windows desktops remotely through Mac, Windows, and even some handheld devices.

Duggal founded the Company SMX Corporation at a young age, during his teens. He is 24, now.  In the year 2000, he received the PriceWaterHouseCoopers ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ award followed by the ‘BBC Young Asian Achiever of the Year 2001’.

According to him, “The biggest achievement for me then was when I was working for the 12-week internship in FX Research at Deutsche Bank AG London - I developed a chart automation software that saves the bank $200,000 per annum”. At 17, Duggal was the youngest trainee at Deutsche Bank.  He decided to take a break from work and focus on a new idea.  This is when the concept of online desktops was born and giants like Microsoft, AMD and Adobe also got involved. 

Nivio stands for ’hardware liberation’. Your files follow you. You don’t need to take along your external media or even burn CD’s.  Just log onto Nivio and access your files on any computer at your destination. With Nivio, your data follows you.

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YouTube video helps catch thief

Fri Aug 10, 2007  7:40 AM ET

A thief was convicted and fined after being spotted on a video posted on the Web site YouTube.

The man was taped slowly circling the store, stealing a laptop computer, slipping the computer into his overcoat and stepping out of the store in the South Island town of Greymouth, local media reported Friday.

The whole performance was posted on YouTube — set to "The Pink Panther" music track — and attracted 500,000 hits from around the globe.

One viewer recognized the man and alerted police. Dawson Anthony Bliss, 50, was convicted of theft in Greymouth District Court on Thursday after pleading guilty.

Judge Gary MacAskill fined Bliss $1,485 and ordered him to pay $1,478 in reparation.

Greymouth on South Island's west coast is 234 miles south of the capital, Wellington.

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Winning Friends and Influencing Customers

More and more, consumers are relying on advice from friends, family and even strangers to make purchase decisions, select physicians, choose travel destinations and pick politicians to vote for. Already, 64 million US adults regularly share advice on products or services, and over 25 million of them wield their influence online.

The Word-of-Mouth Marketing report explores the not-so-new but increasingly important phenomenon of consumer recommendations—and warnings.


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