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Stolen iMac turned in

Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver sun
Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Man whose photo ended up online tells police he bought the computer from a friend

A man who attained instant infamy by unwittingly using a stolen computer to upload a shirtless self-portrait to the Internet has turned the machine over to police in Victoria.

The tattooed man, whose photo has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times around the world and who suddenly found himself famous from Iceland to Brazil, walked into the Victoria police station with the stolen machine at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, said gt. Colin Brown.

The man also contacted Global BC on Tuesday, telling the station he did not know the computer was stolen and that he had bought it from a friend who had bought it from someone else.

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Top Internet Businesses - Online Business Ideas For The Starting Entrepreneur

By dave of | January 22, 2008

This article is aimed to give you an overview of the many types of online businesses you can start. It goes over ideas for what to sell and in what form to sell it. These business models and internet business ideas are all proven by many, many others. But beware, every idea is only a dream until action is being taken.

Let’s start with the basics on what to sell. We can break this up into three categories: information (or ideas), products and services. Every item has it’s positive and negative points, so let’s go over them in detail. 


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Social Network Marketing: Where to Next?

In 2007, eMarketer estimates that companies will spend $900 million in the US — and $330 million outside the US — on social network advertising. Although the lead players, MySpace and Facebook, will continue their strong performance, hundreds of new social networking sites will give them competition.

The Social Network Marketing report analyzes the trends that are driving new competitors into one of the hottest advertising spaces on the Internet.

Since eMarketer published its first report on social network marketing, companies have latched with almost religious fervor onto the notion that consumers want to be socially connected online – whether on mass-appeal sites such as MySpace, on targeted niche sites and video sites or on mobile phones – almost everywhere.

However, is there enough interest among consumers in social networking to support so many ventures?

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Men want facts, women seek relations on Web


By Reuters

Story last modified Wed Dec 28 21:24:00 PST 2005

Internet users share many common interests, but men are heavier consumers of news, stocks, sports and pornography while more women look for health and religious guidance, a broad survey of U.S. Web usage has found.

The study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project to be released on Thursday finds men are slightly more intense users of the Web. Men log on more frequently and spend more time online. More men also have access to quick broadband connections than do women.


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Australian teen cracks $84-million Internet porn filter in 30 minutes - August 26, 2007 [more]


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