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The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom.  Two years ago, David Hauslaib was a junior at Syracuse University who was, as he confesses, "totally obsessed with who Paris Hilton was sleeping with." So he did what any college student would do these days: He blogged about it. Hauslaib began scouring the Web for paparazzi photos of Hilton and news items about her, then posting them on his Website, (Sample headline: PARIS HILTON SPREADS IT IN THE HAMPTONS.) "My friends got a chuckle out of it, but it didn't get really big or anything—maybe a few hundred visitors a day," he says.
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How to Design Your Startup for Acquisition

Getting Started by Kris Olson
June 16, 2008

In my inbox today appeared SandHill's newsletter with an interesting post by Jon B. Fisher, who recently sold his startup, Bharosa, to Oracle.  Selling his startup to Oracle was his plan from Day One. He covers the considerations a startup entrepreneur needs to weigh if acquisition is the most likely exit route: how can you design your startup to have the highest valuation and be likely to get acquired? Jon calls this new thinking "Strategic Entrepreneurship (SE), which can " can maximize your chance of success while minimizing your risks."

The general philosophy of Strategic Entrepreneurship is to maximize your change of obtaining a return by exiting earlier in a planned way, using less capital as you go.

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Goodbye, Cubicle. Hello, Startup!

Author Michelle Goodman offers women irreverent yet practical advice on making the leap from corporate job to independent venture

Getting Started May 2, 2007, 1:48PM EST

Author Michelle Goodman, a self-described former "wage slave," left her cubicle in 1992 to work for herself, and never looked back. But the transition wasn't easy for her. Indeed, although women make up one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurship, Goodman discovered that most find it difficult to make the leap (see BW Online, 1/31/07, "The Face of Entrepreneurship in 2017").

So Goodman culled the lessons from her own trials and errors along the way to solvent self-employment and compiled them in her practical and irreverent guidebook, The Anti 9 to 5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside of the Cube (Seal Press, 2007). BusinessWeek staff writer Stacy Perman recently spoke with Goodman about getting out of the cube and on your own. Edited excerpts of their conversation follow.

You called yourself a wage slave. Why?

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Traits of the best entrepreneurs

By Ryan Floyd 04.10.07

Ryan Floyd

(Editor's note: We asked Ryan Floyd, venture capitalist with Storm Ventures, what the traits are of the most successful entrepreneurs he's backed. Here is his response.)

I am not sure there is a stereotypical entrepreneur right out of central casting.

The following are some common characteristics of the entrepreneurs that we have funded and will fund in the future. However, these traits may not be the ones that some entrepreneurs think venture investors value.

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