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Microsoft on your telly: a history of the company’s Internet TV strategy

by Guest Writer
July 11th, 2007 | Posted in Net TV 

This is the first article by Mack D. Male, in a two part series, exploring Microsoft’s Internet TV strategy. Mack is the author of Windows Media Blog and mastermaq.

Microsoft on your telly: a history of the company’s Internet TV strategyTelevision over the Internet, better known as IPTV, is a small but growing segment of the very large market for television products and services. Gartner predicts the number of IPTV subscribers will grow from 3 million in 2005 to 50 million in 2010, creating huge opportunities for technology vendors. However, there’s more to the story than simply moving the signal from traditional broadcast and cable networks to Internet networks.

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Web 2.0 vulnerabilties to watch for

Greg Enright

July 19, 2007 () (Network World Canada) -- New Web applications such as wikis, blogs and podcasts that foster increased collaboration and communication have enjoyed a great proliferation in recent months. They have brought with them, however, a number of new security challenges with which corporate network managers now have to contend.

According to Robert Hansen, president of California-based security consultancy SecTheory, the use of programming languages such as Java and AJAX, as well as the JSON data interchange format, in Web 2.0-style apps has created another door from which nefarious elements can enter a company's back end and do irreparable damage.
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Consumer Electronics Online: Converged or Confused?

Say "digital home" and most US adults will answer "too expensive" or "too hard to set up." Yet many wish they could integrate and control the various electronic devices already in their homes. That's why the next big thing in consumer electronics may be something that pulls all the little things together.

The Consumer Electronics Online report analyzes the changes convergence trends are bringing to the consumer electronics (CE) marketplace.

Although the revolution may be on the horizon, it hasn't arrived yet and the shape of things to come is still unclear.

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Surgical Wound and Ulcer Healing

Surgical wounds and their evil cousins, skin ulcers, need special precautions to maximize healing. This brochure will discuss ways to achieve maximum healing in minimal time.

All wounds heal through the same process. First there is growth of millions of tiny blood vessels, called angiogenesis, to form a bed of capillary rich tissue, called granulation tissue. Next the cells neighboring the granulation tissue are called forth to produce more of their own kind of tissues. Skin cells create more skin cells, muscle cells more muscle, bone more bone, and etc. To encourage this to happen as fast as possible there are several things that can be done. 

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