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The New Entrepreneur

by Lea Strickland

Today's entrepreneur is yesterday's business executive, computer programmer, staff accountant, public relations specialist or any of the thousands of job titles and specialties you find inside of corporate America. The changes in the traditional business models, the trend to outsource and off-shore operations, has lead to the outplacement of many of the mainstream business processes.

As a result, more and more individuals are faced with taking a new approach to financial stability/security and to finding the best "career" path for them - entrepreneurship. Setting up your own business isn't a stopgap between jobs; instead it is the first step to achieving a number of objectives:

·  Free Agency

·  Financial stability

·  Control of outcomes

·  Control of work content

·  Work/life balance

·  Meaningful work.


These are just a few of the rewards of having your own business. They don't come easy and the learning curve is steep. Because no "specialist" coming out of the traditional corporate world is fully prepared to take on every facet of the business, every person stepping into the role of entrepreneur embarks on an odyssey of learning. Regardless of the wide variety of responsibilities you have held in the corporate world, as an entrepreneur you have ALL the responsibility


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Five Things That May Shock You about the LOLCats Network

 by Sarah Lacy on October 28, 2009

Ben Huh is usually holed up in his Seattle-based company Pet Holdings Inc—better known as the company that brings you I Can Has Cheezburger?, the FAIL Blog and nearly thirty other sites that aim to make you laugh for five minutes every day. But he’s down in the Bay Area this week to promote the launch of three new books “How to Take over the World: A LOLCat Guide 2 Winning,” “Graph out Loud,” based on GraphJam and “FAIL Nation: A Visual Romp through the World of Epic Fails.” A big party is happening tonight.

Annoyingly, Huh is also running around San Francisco this week doing all kinds of media interviews. But here are some things I pried out of him yesterday that you may not know.

A word first about Huh: People almost always open an interview by asking if he has cats or if he’s always been funny, which misses the point of what he loves about his job. Huh is a businessman. Unlike a lot of media entrepreneurs, he says his job has become more fun the larger the staff, the site, and the operational worries have grown.

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Generation Y Multitaskers Boost Media Time

JUNE 21, 2007
Want teens' full attention online? Good luck.

Multitasking is driving up the total amount of time that US teens spend with media, according to a Bridge Ratings study conducted in March to May 2007.

US consumers ages 13 to 17 spend more time with media overall than other age groups do, and their total media time has grown by more than two and a half hours per day since May 2004.

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