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Internet startup funding runs at $1B a quarter - 11.11.2007 [more]
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Children Shopping Online

JULY 20, 2007

Over three-quarters of US children ages 8 to 14 have completed an online shopping transaction, according to Stars for Kidz data cited by Internet Retailer.

Over half of the children who shopped online claimed to be helping their mothers with chores.

The children found ways to make the purchases. Over a quarter asked someone else to complete an order for them, or used a gift card. Just under a quarter of kids used their parents' credit card. Another 15% charged the purchases to their parents in other ways.

The respondents were 8 to 14 years in age, and yet 8% said they had used their own credit cards to complete a purchase.

Children shopping online were most interested in music, video games, movies, MP3 players and celebrities.

Adele Schwartz of Stars for Kidz said, "In this research, we saw clearly that busy moms and tech-savvy kids are joining forces as online shoppers. Children who help their moms with such an array of online tasks may exert even greater influence on family consumerism than we thought, which makes the process of building brand loyalty specifically among children something that all marketers should be reconsidering."

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 Home-Based Entrepreneurs Focus on Big Picture, Not Routine Tasks with Help from  2007/10/23 20:05   PRNewswire

NEW YORK, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- In a typical day, there are more tasks than one home-based business owner can realistically do in eight or even 12 hours: bookkeeping, e-mails, phone calls, data entry, customer service. The list goes on--and it''s all in addition to the business owner''s actual, revenue-producing work. But not many home businesses can afford to hire employees to take over those tasks, much less provide office space and equipment for them.

    Now veteran entrepreneur Jeffrey A. Landers, founder of Home Office Success, Inc., has a solution: Virtual Assistants, or VAs. A VA is a subcontractor, working remotely from his or her own office, who performs specialized tasks for small business owners. Those tasks include just about anything that can be done via telephone, fax or the Internet, such as handling correspondence, bookkeeping, scheduling, database/contact management, and even copywriting and Web/graphic design. Landers''s new site,, is a Virtual Staffing Agency connecting home-based entrepreneurs with highly skilled, certified VAs that can help them maximize their time for the business of making money.

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Craigslist Founder's News Ventures Named

Daylife, backed by Craig Newmark, will "gather, analyze, organize, and create a new, distributed platform for the world's news," in the words of one participant.

By K.C. Jones

Jeff Jarvis has at least given a name to an upcoming news venture backed by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, but developers are still keeping a tight lid on their plans.

In writing about another news site, the recently announced but yet to be launched NewAssignment.Net, Jarvis said, "Daylife will gather, analyze, organize and create a new, distributed platform for the world's news." He also said the site would provide technical and distribution help to NewAssignment, which aims to encourage "smart mobs" of regular citizens to submit ideas and report the news through a process they're calling "open source journalism."

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