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Microsoft India launches BizSpark for startups

Deepti Chaudhary - Wednesday, December 17, 2008 3:53 PM

In its bid to woo startups in India, Microsoft Corp (India) Pvt Ltd. has launched Microsoft BizSpark - a program designed to provide free access to Microsoft’s professional software. Under the initiative, BizSpark will offer access to the company’s current development tools, platform technologies as well as production licenses at no cost.

“The initiative is targeted at the startups for whom affording software means capital expenditure. We want to be an enabler for them,” said Moorthy Uppaluri, general manager, developer and platform evangelism, Microsoft Corp (India). The incentives include, access to design tools, development test and demonstration, IT operations servers, and support resources (both technical and non technical) and integration with Microsoft's sales team and product groups.

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The Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur

Sramana Mitra / Forbes
02.22.08, 2:00 PM ET

pic Entrepreneur Marc Benioff is afraid of him. Venture king Mike Moritz wants to invest in him.

You have never heard of Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of AdventNet, the company behind newly launched productivity suite Zoho.

Vembu is a low-profile guy if there ever was one. He is also cheap as hell. Yet, of course, you know that among entrepreneurs, frugality is a virtue. A tremendous virtue.

Vembu has stretched this virtue to extreme limits, and added layers and layers of creativity upon it. The result? A 100%, bootstrapped, $40-million-a-year revenue business that sends $1 million to the bank every month in profits.

Doing what? you might wonder.

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Delivering Web 2.0 User Interfaces Using AJAX

By any reckoning, the Internet and the World Wide Web have remade the way we do business. The ascendance of the Web-based enterprise has come to be seen as inevitable. But anyone who takes a hard look at the serious limitations of first-generation Web applications is likely to have a renewed sense of wonder at the spread of their adoption thus far. Users experimented with e-mail, instant messaging, and search engines and turned them into real communication, collaboration, and information-gathering tools. Those same business users endured their fitful interactions with static HTML pages and moved applications to the Web anyway because of the substantial savings promised by the shift.

Now their patience is about to be rewarded. Emerging from a decade of groundwork is Web 2.0, which offers dramatic gains in productivity for individual workers and whole enterprises. Web 2.0 applications are distributed collaborative tools available on-demand from any browser anywhere. And those tools are constructed to be at least as intuitive and easy-to-use as any application loaded on a desktop.

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Seniors and E-Commerce

JULY 15, 2008

Heading to the store to research online purchases

Many studies in the US have focused on the relationship between online and offline retail sales. Typically, consumers comparison shop and get product information on the Internet before buying the product in a brick-and-mortar store.

However, new data from the USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future examines the opposite situation: consumers ages 50 and over who have researched offline before making purchases online.

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Paid video download will peak in 2007 with $279m in revenues, up from $98m mainly from ads.


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