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Microsoft Plays With P2P TV

Video: LiveStation Demo Microsoft Research (MSFT) and a UK-based company called Skinkers are developing peer-to-peer software called LiveStation for streaming live television over PCs.  Think of it as a Slingbox Without the Box.  (See demo video above).  Except that TV stations would have to sign up to stream their broadcasts over the service.


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Online Reviews Sway Shoppers

JULY 9, 2008

Consumers look for peer opinions.

Consumer reviews play a big part in purchase decisions for online shoppers in the US, according to a June 2008 Opinion Research Corporation study.

A full 61% of respondents said they had checked online reviews, blogs and other online customer feedback before buying a new product or service. Search engines were the preferred way to research purchases. Of those who looked for reviews and other feedback, more than eight out of 10 said such evaluations had at least some influence on their purchases.

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Mobile Commerce Slowly Taking Hold Among Retailers

By Ylan Q. Mui / Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, January 19, 2008

NEW YORK -- The store of the future knows who you are.

Walk into the store, and it sends a coupon to your cellphone for a leather recliner that complements your home entertainment system. A store employee has received a text alert that you have arrived. Need directions? Snap a photo of your surroundings with your cell, and the store will send you a map directing you to the right department.

These are just some of the scenarios conjured by IBM at the National Retail Federation convention here this week, and they may not be far from reality. For years, mobile commerce has been hyped as the future of retail, even as American consumers have been slow to accept it. But at this annual show of cutting-edge retail technology, the industry attempted to show it is ready to dive headfirst into a wireless world.

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Empathy Is 'Hard-Wired' in Children's Brains

July 16, 2008

WEDNESDAY, July 16 (HealthDay News) -- Empathy comes naturally to children, a new report shows.

Using functional MRI scans on normal kids aged 7 to 12, researchers found the parts of the children's brains that were activated when shown pictures of people in pain, according to findings published in the current issue of Neuropsychologia.

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