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How to Launch a Business Without Spending a Dime

The biggest mistake I see first time entrepreneurs make is that they spend too much money.

They rent an office or retail location, pay big incorporation fees, hire employees, and build an expensive website (just to name a few). And all before they've earned their first dollar!

Each month their cash reserves get lower and lower while they struggle to make sales to cover their expenses. Eventually the fledgling business dies with no cash flow, leaving the owner hurt emotionally and financially.

Luckily, it is possible (and actually quite simple) to start up a business without spending a dime. The beauty of using this method is that you can test out a new business idea quickly and with zero risk. And instead of spending time negotiating leases or dealing with employees, you can spend 100% of your time on the most important thing: making that first sale!

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Unprecedented amount of money searching for home

By Matt Marshall 11.3.06 8:39 AM

U.S. private equity firms have raised a record $177.89 billion, according to Dow Jones VentureOne.

News Cellar - Startup / Entrepreneurship

Keeping it simple is key to success

September 30, 2007
In the second of a three-part series Rachel Bridge looks at why the straightforward approach is best


SOME of the most successful businesses are also some of the simplest ones. Not necessarily simple because they have a simple product or service to sell, but simple because their business model is straightforward. They know what they are selling, to whom they are selling, and what customers want.

Think of Starbucks, Amazon or Easyjet. All deliver a very clear message about what they are selling and what customers can expect in return, and consequently all have a very clear route to market.

Chris West, business adviser and author of the Beermat Entrepreneur books, said: “Speak in a language that ordinary people can understand. Use proper English, rather than this awful managementese that some people use. If you have to use a technical term explain what it means.

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