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Venture Capital: Only angels invest in Cozi

Friday, July 6, 2007
Last updated 3:29 p.m. PT


Robbie Cape talked to a few venture capitalists when he started looking for financing two months ago.

But the chief executive of Cozi quickly decided to go another route, raising all of the startup's new $4 million financing round from Seattle-area angel investors.

That's a lot of money to flow into one angel deal, considering the Alliance of Angels -- a Seattle investment group that is not a backer of Cozi -- invested a total of $5.8 million in Washington companies last year.

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PR Secrets for Startups

Guest author of TechCrunch Brian Solis

Solis is the Principal of FutureWorks, a PR and New Media agency in Silicon Valley and also blogs at PR 2.0. Along with Geoff Livingston, Solis recently co-authored Now is Gone, a book that helps businesses learn how to leverage new and social media.

I’ve been overwhelmed with requests from executives and PR professionals to explain how this new media (r)evolution applies to them specifically and how they can make PR more effective and personal during these interesting times. I recently discussed it here and have been doing so for a long, long time. But since conversations and attention is discontinuous and distributed, I asked if I could bring this discussion to a more prominent online epicenter to help reach a wider array of those looking for answers.

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