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32 Reasons Why Geeks are Severly Underpaid

by Calum Coburn

Focuses the job offer lens on the 32 salary negotiation rules for IT professionals. Includes exercises and questions to assist in preparation. Addresses job offers and annual reviews.

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43% of Web users cannot find commercial information online - 3.5.2008 [more ]
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11 things you never knew about your credit report

Most people have heard about the alligators in New York's sewers and the little kid with cancer who wants a zillion postcards.

Unfortunately, those aren't the only myths floating around out there. For example, a lot of the things that people "know" about credit reports and FICO scores have about as much validity as those monstrous Manhattan alligators.


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European home automation market to reach $446.6M by 2013 - $232.6M in 2006, Frost & Sullivan says.
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264 mln PCs to ship in 2007 - iSuppli: up 11.2% from 239 mln in 2006. The previous forecast envisioned 10.7% growth for the year.


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  • Article: Reaching Segmented Audiences Through Facebook and Twitter
    Marketers' confidence in mobile audience targeting is fairly low, but that is beginning to change, according to Jeremy Lockhorn, vice president of emerging media and mobile lead for North America at digital agency Razorfish. Lockhorn recently spoke with eMarketer about reaching specific audience segments and how Facebook and Twitter are helping achieve that.
  • Article: Telecom and Computing Products, Consumer Electronics Industries Strengthen Relationship
    Digital ad spending by the US telecom industry will reach $6.49 billion this year. Computing products and consumer electronics industry digital ad spend levels are significantly lower, at $4.44 billion in 2015. While telecoms and computing products/consumer electronics remain two distinct portions of the economy, they have always been symbiotic and are becoming even more so, given that telecoms provide the infrastructure and services that such devices need to communicate.
  • Article: UK Millennials Go Digital for Insurance Purchases
    UK millennials are most concerned about price when in the market for insurance, recent research finds. And when it comes time to make a purchase decision, they're increasingly relying on digital sources such as comparison websites and search, passing on traditional word-of-mouth and recommendations.
  • Article: Growth in Mobile's Share of Ad Interactions Slows
    The share of ad interactions occurring on mobile devices may be leveling out, according to recent research, which put the proportion at around three in five. Looking at the overall digital ad interaction picture, not just mobile, the media and entertainment industry garners the most engagement, with nearly one in four interactions.
  • Article: What's Up Among Brazil's App Users? WhatsApp
    WhatsApp has a solid lead on Facebook as the most popular mobile app in Brazil, recent research finds. In terms of general app usage, social networks are the leading choice among the country's smartphone users by a long shot&mdash;and they're most likely to be free.