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Online Video Ads Bringing Results

JUNE 13, 2007
Does pre-roll equal pre-sold?

Online video ads are leading to sales, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA) "Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior" report, conducted in partnership with OTX.

Of the 80% of viewers who had watched an online video ad, just over half had taken some sort of action. Nearly a third had checked out a Web site, while 22% had searched for more information, 15% had gone into a store and 12% had actually made a purchase.

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Online Networking Sites Helping Entrepreneurs

Ginger Allen / (CBS 11 News)

A new breed of online networking sites are setting out to help you become an entrepreneur!

Have an idea for your own business, but need help getting off the ground? There's a way to hook up with experts anywhere in the world and get the advice you need to get moving.

You might say engineer, turned entrepreneur, Charles Locklin had a 'bright' idea. "It's almost like a standard Christmas light, but it's got a control box that we can change the color," he said.

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Y Combinator accepting applications for Winter 2008

Ycombinator_3 Y Combinator is now accepting applications for their winter start up boot camp in San Francisco which runs from January through March 2008. I attended the Summer 2007 Y Combinator Investor Day recently.

Y Combinator is a seed stage investor with a large network of entrepreneurs, VCs, and all the people you need to start a company. It is hard to explain but it is a cross between a startup boot camp and a traditional startup incubator. The best description of Y Combinator is on its application page.

Here it is in its entirety;

  1. If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 10 pm EST on October 11, 2007. Groups that submit early have a slight advantage because we have more time to read their applications.
  2. We'll review applications by October 18 and invite the groups that seem most promising to meet us in Cambridge on the weekend of November 3-4. We'll reimburse up to $600 per group for travel expenses.
  3. We'll decide who to fund that weekend, and tell you by phone on Sunday evening.
  4. Yes decisions will include the amount we'll invest and the percent of the company we'd want for it. We usually invest $5000 + $5000n, where n is the number of participating founders (i.e. 2 founders get $15,000, 3 get $20,000), in return for between 2% and 10% of the company. The median is 6%.
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Get the people right or you will flounder

Peter Cullum, one of the judges for the Entrepreneur Challenge 2008, talks about what being entrepreneurial means to him

May 11, 2008

Peter Cullum formed Towergate Partnership in 2005 after a career in insurance. Under his chairmanship, Towergate has become Europe’s largest independently owned insurance intermediary, with sales of £2.5 billion and a workforce of 5,000. He recently created a centre of entrepreneurship at Cass Business School, providing £10m of “seed corn funding” there for budding entrepreneurs.

What is your entrepreneurial background?


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